Front Office Staff

Jeff Goldklang


 Goldklang, a left-hander out of NJ, has been involved with the Group in various executive roles since his arrival in 2002. He began his career with the Charleston RiverDogs in 1994, handling the concessions and merchandise operations, and was instrumental in the transition of the club into its new ballpark for 1997.

Upon leaving the RiverDogs, Goldklang joined Integrated Sports International, continuing with them through their acquisition by SFX Sports Group and subsequently Clear Channel Entertainment. During his tenure, Goldklang was part of the group that developed the Properties division of SFX Sports, managing all aspects of the merchandising program and specializing in the formation of sponsorship agreements with national brands, primarily sports-related. In addition, he developed marketing programs for SFX Sports as well as the Theatrical, Radio, and Outdoor divisions of Clear Channel Entertainment.

Goldklang’s current responsibilities as Managing Director within the Group center on the broad scale oversight of the Group’s four franchises. This includes managing the financial operations of the Group’s entities, managing the year-round use of venues, and coordinating- in tandem with the Group’s marketing department- national and regional opportunities for the four Goldklang clubs.

Goldklang resides in New Jersey with his wife Erica and sons Jared and Jacob.